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GlucoseMama is revolutionizing the way patients self-manage gestational diabetes and share information with their doctors and care teams. From diagnosis to delivery, we've got you covered! And, if you're entering pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes, we're here for you! Our team of medical experts is determined to make your pregnancy as easy and healthy as possible.

So, what is GlucoseMama? It's a research-based software system designed to help patients manage their daily blood glucose tracking, Medical Nutrition Therapy, and physical activity, plus we offer tons of emotional support and essential tips along the way. We keep our moms motivated, and even make them smile!


Patient management made easy and efficient.

Doctors and care teams, we've got you covered, too. During our pilot testing and feasibility study with GlucoseMama Version 1, we learned from doctors and care teams exactly what they want and need to treat their patients. Our HIPAA-compliant GlucoseMama backend, dashboard, and data communication system is built with both patients and care teams in mind!


Clinical validation is key.

An integral part of GlucoseMama's mission is research, research, and more research. We won't launch our product until WE KNOW IT WORKS. We had excellent results from our first randomized control study with the University of Maryland Medical Center funded by the Maryland Industrial Partnership.

Here's a teaser: We found that patients with gestational diabetes enrolled with GlucoseMama were much more compliant with care. In fact, they were 100% compliant with weekly log reviews. Furthermore, 100% of GlucoseMama patients arrived at their six-week postpartum visit. In the traditional care arm, there was only 70% compliance with log reviews and postpartum visits. Also, 61.5% of the participants enrolled with GlucoseMama completed their two-hour postpartum blood glucose screen test. This is a significant improvement from the historical rate of 17.6%. GlucoseMama patients had an average weight-loss postpartum of 5.1 kilograms (11.2 pounds) under their pre-pregnancy weight in comparison with a loss of 3.2 kilograms (7 pounds) in the traditional care group. Birth control initiation was higher after delivery, 84.6%, versus 35% in traditional care group. And, the rates of breastfeeding at six weeks postpartum were a whopping 61.5% for GlucoseMama patients and 28.6% for the traditional arm. More details of this study will be published soon. So, please stay tuned!


Become part of the gestational diabetes solution.

GlucoseMama is the product of Werbie, LLC. Catherine Jones, founder and CEO of Werbie, is also the author of the award-winning nutrition-cookbook, Eating for Pregnancy: Your Essential Month-by-Month Nutrition Guide and Cookbook, 3rd Edition (2019). Celebrating 16 years as a bestseller, Catherine and her awesome co-authors offer the latest research-based information, including a complete section on gestational diabetes, plus 150 delicious recipes.

Why is Catherine so committed to helping moms? Both of her pregnancies were complicated by preeclampsia. Her daughter, Aleksandra, was a preemie and spent two months in the NICU with multiple surgeries. After that heart-wrenching experience, Catherine vowed to help other pregnant women, especially those with complications. She gets it. She really does … and so does her amazing team.

We're always looking for partners, experts, and collaborators. If you'd like more information, or you'd like to be part of our important research, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


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